Friday, February 8, 2013

Guest Post: What Writing is to Me by Author Kersten L. Kelly

Please welcome Kersten L. Kelly, author of Paper Airplane. Today she will be sharing with us, what writing is to her. Below you will also find information on her new book, Paper Airplane.

Writing To Me Is… 

By Author Kersten L. Kelly

Writing has become a therapeutic way for me to 
reflect back on my thoughts and rethink the world around me. Aside from being an author, I work full time as a corporate salesperson. Many times I am on the road for days at a time, and I don’t get much time for rest and relaxation. I spend ample hours treating clients to late dinners, traveling from various hotels to the airport, and preparing presentations for meetings that land us a few million dollars’ worth of business. Although I enjoy my job, I always welcome a relaxing escape from it.

Taking time out of my day to write allows me to disconnect for a few minutes (or sometimes hours) from my normal routine. I get to lose myself in some of the most interesting subjects where I can create a detailed account of my imagination on paper. Once my book came to fruition, it was astounding to receive feedback on it. I never imagined publishing material that other people would read and enjoy. I remember the first (and many of the following) reviews that I received on my book. I was simply thrilled to think that someone actually read the book and had something to say about it. It was an adrenaline rush like I got from skydiving the first time. I was so excited.

Writing can have that effect on people. It’s not just words on a page, it is much more than that. I know for everyone it is different, but for me it is an experience in itself. I am taken into a different mindset and I enjoy every minute of it.

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About Paper Airplane

In this tumultuous, distinctive memoir, Kersten L. Kelly looks back on the most influential individuals that she encountered while flying through the clouds. Confined in a small vestibule for hours, Kelly identified an opportunity for learning and growth by chatting with the fellow passengers around her. After a few life changing conversations and unforgettable emergencies, she put the in-flight magazines to rest and never looked back.

She recalls life lessons from perfect strangers about love, family, perseverance of dreams, and humility through a series of brief anecdotes all taking place on airplanes. Selfless philanthropy was discovered, long-term friendships bonded, and talents unveiled. The book proves the phrase “you never know what you will learn on an airplane” over and over again.

Every chapter will capture the mind and sometimes the heart of anyone who jumps into this collection of humanity at its best. The personalities present in this book assimilate with the intrinsic characteristics all readers can relate to. With a raw authenticity stemming from old notes in a ragged journal, Kelly delivers a personal reflection of unique tales from a mile high.

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