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GIVEAWAY: My Little Texas Tornado By Ruby Vines

My Little Texas Tornado 
Guest Post & GIVEAWAY!!!

Be sure to check out the awesome recipe included in the guest post! Yummy!

My Little Texas Tornado By Ruby Vines

  Colt Daniels is a Texas rancher known for his award winning steaks. The king rancher has known his good neighbor and vintner, Mr. Moon for years. In fact, he recommends the Moon Wines as the ideal label paired with his mouth watering steaks. When Mr. Moon dies and leaves the vineyard to his long lost niece, Savannah Moon, Colt offers to show her the ropes since the California girl is clueless, not only about Texas but about wine. Even his Southern Charm is lost on the snob who doesn't even have the decency to thank him for saving her life her first day in town.

  Thing is, he ain't cut out to train someone he can't stand, even if Mr. Moon was like a grandfather to him. But there's no denying it, the Moons know how to grow ' and women. Savannah isn't a woman he can easily forget. Bitchy or not, he finds reasons to teach her about grapes, among other things. And while
he's finding reasons to stomp the grapes with his new neighbor, a plan is brewing to bring the wine heiress down.

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Guest Post By Author Ruby Vines

Colt Daniels' Cowboy Steaks


1/2 cup olive oil
1/2 cup soy sauce
1/2 cup red wine
1 cup brewed Columbian Coffee (THE SECRET INGREDIENT)
4 garlic cloves, crushed
1 teaspoon dried parsley
1 teaspoon dried rosemary
1 teaspoon cumin
Good grinding black pepper (or crushed chili to taste)


Combine all ingredients in a non-metallic bowl. Spoon marinade over steaks. Cover and refrigerate several hours or preferably overnight (but even 1/2 hour will do). Grill over hickory wood for best cowboy flavor!

Goes Great with Savannah Moon’s Red Wine!!

Enjoy your sexy Colt Daniels’ Steak and Savannah Moon’s wine by candlelight and the song by Tracy Lawrence that inspired me to write the book!


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Also known as Alisha Paige.


  1. Sounds like a great book! You have chosen a sexy character to play Colt Daniels. This defintely purks my interest in reading the book.

  2. Hi, Loren! I love cowboys and know quite a few since I live in Texas. Thanks for stopping by! Have a great Sunday! ~ Ruby Vines

  3. A big thank you to sweet Stephanie for hosting me today on her beautiful blog! Happy Super Bowl Sunday! I'm going to watch all the crazy commercials and the half-time show. How about you? ~ Ruby Vines

  4. Hi Ruby,

    Texas? I'm sure there are more cowboys in Texas than Florida and Alabama where i have lived my whole life. Where do you get your inspiration to write, besides the Tracy Lawrence song?

  5. Loren,

    I've written all my life, since I was a young child. All kinds of things inspire me but love is the number one thing that inspires me. I love to write about people forced together into impossible relationships and then figure it all! I love to read true life love stories and am fascinated by the intricate lives we all lead. I'm also inspired by places. I ALWAYS choose the setting of my book before I write, before I choose the characters and I write by the seat of my pants so my characters inspire me quite a bit too. Very often I am surprised by what my characters do. Thanks for chatting with me!