Thursday, January 10, 2013

My Top 5 Most Anticipated Books for the First Half of 2013

Walking Disaster

 Yeah- need I say more? If you have read Beautiful Disaster then you truly understand my impatient desire to read Walking Disaster. I am dying to read Travis’ side of the story. Not to mention, a cover that beautiful must be filled with a beautiful story.

Entwined With You

This one should go without saying. If you enjoyed Fifty Shades of Grey and haven’t read the Crossfire Series (a.k.a Bared to You Series) then you need to get started! The third book Entwined With You will be released soon.

Honeysuckle Chronicles #3

It all started after reading The Plan! This was the first mystery-fantasy type book I ever really got into. Shortly after, W. Charlene Ammons released The Lesson:

Satisfaction & Fulfillment

Book #2 of the Temptation is expected to be released… I believe- in February of 2013. Ahh- can’t wait for some more of Bryce and Alexis. Fulfillment, the 3rd book, is said to be released shortly after. I don’t know if I am more excited to see the covers or find out the rest of the story!

The Honeysuckle Chronicles Trailer

If you haven't read The Honeysuckle Chronicles, by W. Charlene Ammons, you don't know what you are missing! This is one of my favorite series. It's labeled as a fantasy book, but also falls under murder-mystery with a little romance and
a whole lot of awesomeness!

The Honeysuckle Chronicles, by W. Charlene Ammons

W. Charlene Ammons has said that the 3rd book will be released soon!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Guest Post: A Beautiful Contrast by Author Carrie Butler

   Please join me in welcoming author Carrie Butler to speak with us today about writing her new book, Strength. Not only is she the first guest to our new blog, but she is also going to share with us the art of using character 'contrast'.

Please give Carrie a warm welcome to our blog...

A Beautiful Contrast

Thank you for having me, Stephanie! I almost started this post by saying, "Webster defines 'contrast' as a juxtaposition of dissimilar elements." Then I realized that sounded like the beginning of a graduation speech and nixed it. Seriously, I couldn't shake the whole gowned, tasseled image. Who wants to read that?

So, instead, I'm just going to start it like this: You know who loves highlighting differences? I do!

(Cheesy, but genuine, I assure you.)

Whenever I'm writing, I try to draw strong physical and temperamental contrasts. In fact, if you read my debut novel, Strength, you'll probably notice it. Details are always playing off of each other. My heroine is a doll-faced spitfire with a violent streak; my hero is a hyper-masculine hunk who tries oh-so-hard to be gentle. She's 5'2,'' and he's 6'4''. She's confrontational, and he's reserved. She leads a normal human life, and he—

Well, I shouldn't go there. *Grins* Let's just say they clash at first, but they end up complementing each other in beautiful and unexpected ways.

Actually, that's the best thing about using contrast, if you ask me. When you put characters with obvious differences together, they have to adjust to each other. Lessons are learned, concessions are made, and they both grow as a result. It's a dynamic character environment, and that makes for an excellent read! :)

We would like to thank Carrie, once again, for stopping by. We can't wait March 14th, when she joins us again for an interview during her Strength Book Tour. 

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You can check out Carrie's new book, Strength, available March 7th, 2013 at

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Review: Desert Rice by Angela Scott

Desert Rice
by Angela Scott

Sam and Jacob set forth on a dark journey into the unknown. What they do know, is that for a 12 year old little girl and a 15 year old boy, surviving will be tough. Especially when the their mother lay dead, left behind in the tattered single-wide trailer with empty cupboards, that they once called home. Taking the family car and what few dollars they had, they left West Virginia to find a new life and a new chance at hope, with no actual destination in mind- just far, far away.
Desert Rice book
Desert Rice  by Angela Scott

Sleeping in their car, eating rice and bathing in a truck stop was the least of their worries. They knew they only had a few days before their mother's body was found and they would be the suspects. Determined to never be separated,  Jacob did all he could to protect his sister. Protect her from children and family services, the police that would take them away and lock them up for good, and the deep, dark past- the one that occurred in the single wide trailer with the empty cupboards.

Cutting her hair, covering her body and leading others to believe that Sam was a boy, was the only way Jacob knew to protect his sister. Regardless of how it made her feel, it wouldn't feel as bad as it would if they were separated, or worse- if men noticed that Sam was a young, blossoming girl.

Just as things seemed to be working out, as if they may actually have a chance at survival and making it on their own, tragedy strikes and Sam has no choice to seek help from a stranger whom she recently met. It was the only way, if she didn't get help and get it fast, Jacob would die. But, getting help meant letting someone in to their life, risking them finding out the truth, and risking everything they fought so hard to achieve.

Desert Rice is available at:
BUY: Amazon
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BUY: Smashwords.

Stephanie's Review of Desert Rice

From the very first sentence, to the very last chapter, Desert Rice was heart-wrenching to say the least. Watching the struggle of two children on the run to save each other and stay together was more than I would have imagined from the simple book cover summary.

I had received a copy of the book from a Goodreads giveaway so it wasn't something I had personally picked out to read. The cover was tempting and the summary was interesting. I cracked the book, read the very first sentence and was hooked! I had to find out more- I had to know why a 12 year old girl was moving her dead mother's body! 

Had someone warned me this book would have been this good or that I would have got this emotionally involved I would have never believed them. 

Author, Angela Scott, did a fabulous job telling the story as if she herself were 12 years old. The writing, the emotion, the thoughts-  all that went into this story was very real- very believable, making it easier to be drawn into this twisted tale of fate called Desert Rice.  

Take a glance at the front cover, of little Sam. Now read the first sentence or two... you won't be able to put it down, I promise!

Author: Angela Scott

Published by Evolved Publishing LLC

Published: July 07, 2012

Pages: 188 
Words: 74379 
Language: English
ISBN: 9781622538539 
Available at: Amazon, Barnes & Noble  and Smashwords

FTC Disclosure: Please be aware that I did receive this book as part of a giveaway offered by Goodreads. This review is my own opinion about the book and was not compensated with any money or goods other than the initial gift of the book in order to read, enjoy and rate as I see fit. Please also be aware that I am an affiliate of Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords and have used affiliate links above. I may earn a small referral fee in the event you purchase the book following the links above. 

Monday, January 7, 2013

My Very First Mailbox Monday

After reading an In My Mailbox post by The Story Siren, I was inspired to do my own mailbox meme and went with Mailbox Monday. So here we go...

I am tickled pink to post my first Mailbox Monday! Since this was only my first week at my new book blog I thought it would be a few weeks or even months before I had the opportunity to post about what actually came to to me.. yeah, I know thousands of other bloggers out there are getting their mailboxes loaded, probably on a daily basis, but little ol' me? I get books already? Needless to say, that mail lady is my new best friend. :)

So, what did I get in my mailbox my first week of book blogging? I got four great books that I cannot wait to read!

My first book, which I am currently reading, Desert Rice, by Angela Scott came in and so far it is great.

My next package was the Sweetwater Canyon Series by Maggie Jaimeson. I had won the second book in the series, Healing Notes, in a Goodreads giveaway. Sweet Maggie took it a step further and sent me Undertones, the first book in the series as well. Thank you Maggie!!!

My final book was Experience, by Meg Kerr. Experience is the sequel Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice story. While, I have never read Pride and Prejudice I have watched the movie and loved it! I will probably embark on this one shortly after the Sweetwater Canyon Series.

I will be posting my reviews shortly! Can't wait to dive off into these great new adventures!