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Did Sylvia Day Ruin Her Fan Base for the Crossfire Series?

Entwined with You
So, after going on a reading vacation for six months, I am back on track to start posting my reviews and catching up on my favorite books and find out the latest gossip in the book blogging world. In doing so, I finally get the chance to read Entwined with You, by Sylvia Day! Needless to say, I am super excited! Well, I was... the excitement has dwindled slightly since noticing the sudden decline in Sylvia Day's ratings based on her newest Crossfire Series release.

Unlike the first two books, rated between 4-5 stars depending on which site you look at, Entwined with You has plummeted to 3.5 stars. Not a good thing considering the previous two were on the bestsellers list and she the news of more to come in the Crossfire Series.

When you look at the book on you can see that after thousands of reviews and comments it appears as if the book was poorly written. However, if you scroll down a little bit, you will see that out of all the comments listed on the front page it shows nothing but 1 & 2 star ratings- all of which, are from some very upset readers.

Why are the Crossfire fans upset with Sylvia Day? 

Turns out the Crossfire Trilogy isn't a trilogy. After fans lined up to get their copy of the Entwined with You  so that they could finally put a happy-ever-after ending to the mega-billionaire hunk, Gideon Cross, fans found it obvious that there would be a 4th book, and now there's talk of even a 5th book.

Fans don't seem to be too happy with the long drawn out series when what they are truly searching for is a final closing to complete that small space in their heart that fell in love with Gideon Cross. After millions of women faced Christian Grey withdraws, they are now left with the back and forth, never ending emotions tied to Gideon Cross. Well, it is pretty hard to move on to the next big series when you can't finish the one you are currently reading... cause the author won't stop adding to it! I can somewhat see the frustration but hey, then again, it means more Gideon Cross!!! :)

The majority of the comments and reviews left in the ratings all speculate that Sylvia Day was 'money hungry' and was trying to 'rake in the dough'. Many stated that while the book was great, they would not continue reading the series due to the author dragging the series out for monetary reasons.

What did you think of Entwined with You and the way it ended?

Well, summing it all up, it sounds like Sylvia Day has ticked of the masses in her fan base. Many of them are not happy and are voicing their concerns on the author's attempt to drag out the series for financial gain.

Since I haven't read the final latest book I'm kinda anxious to get started, but a little concerned about being 'left hanging' as many of the reviews stated.

Have you read Entwined with You? What did you think about it? Was the ending that bad? What are your thoughts on Sylvia Day's decision to expand the trilogy? I would love to hear your thoughts on this apparently, very touchy subject!

***This is not an official news report of any kind, nor have I seen any such news like it. It is pure, personal speculation that I, myself, concluded after reading the reviews. Please do not copy and republish this information. If you would like to link to it then by all means please feel free to do so but do not repost it as it Copyright Stephanie's Bookshelf.

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