Thursday, January 17, 2013

Review: The New Life by Betty A. Burnett

About The New Life by Betty A. Burnett

   The New Life, by Betty A. Burnett, is an inspirational book written to help followers of Christ learn more about salvation. Whether you are a new believer, or have questions about salvation, The New Life, will help you understand more about what it truly means to be saved through Christ and obtain salvation.

   Author Betty A. Burnett did a great job of writing The New Life, so that people of ages, including teenagers could understand what she is trying to teach. This books starts from the very beginning with God's plan for us. The first chapter starts with Genesis and tells of how and why God created man, along with why He loves of dearly. 

Stephanie's Review of The New Life 

After receiving a copy of The New Life from to review, I sat down and read the entire book in less than two days since it is not very long. I had hoped the book would have went more in depth on 'the right things to do' and how to do them, but it didn't. It did focus on salvation, how to avoid being corrupted by the devil, and God Almighty's purpose for us.
Again, while I had hoped to learn more about strengthening my relationship with Jesus, I did find this book useful for a few things I didn't already understand.  I can fully appreciate Author Betty A. Burnett's time and wisdom to create such a teaching so that others can learn more about Jesus Christ and God's plan for all of us. 
Rating: 3 of 5 Stars

Where to Buy The New Life by Betty A. Burnett

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