Sunday, October 13, 2013

GIVEAWAY: Where the Heart Breaks by Ivy Sinclair

Who's up for a sweet romance book giveaway?

Author Ivy Sinclair is giving away ...
(1) signed copy of Where the Heart Breaks (US only)
(1) digitial copy of Where the Heart Breaks
to one of *my* lucky readers! Have I ever told y'all how much I enjoy a giveaway that is exclusive to my book blog only? I love being able to offer you guys and gals something special...

Also, be sure to check out Guest Post: First Kiss, by author Ivy Sinclair which, is also being featured here on Stephanie's Book Shelf. It's a very interesting read for both authors and readers, and tells the importance of a well-written 'first kiss' scene in any story, especially a romance novel. 

With that said-- let's check out this awesome new romance novel by author Ivy Sinclair!

Where the Heart Breaks by Ivy Sinclair

{Blurb} If there were a course in screwing up your life, Kate Spivey would get an A+. 

  Trust is in short supply for Kate at the start of the summer before her senior year of college. Her parents sentenced her to spend it under the watchful eye of her aunt at the famous Willoughby Inn. It was further proof that she was a prisoner in, and not the decision maker of, her life. Nothing she does is good enough to prove that she learned from the mistakes of her past. 

  Almost immediately, Kate finds that her new summer home holds another person who understands the unfairness of her situation better than most. Reed Black has had his own share of tragedy and regrets, but instead of trying to fight his reputation, he embraced it. 

  Sparks fly between Kate and Reed, but his mixed signals remind Kate that she needs to watch her step. He is one temptation she can't afford to indulge in, no matter how strong her attraction to him. If she isn't careful, she'll lose more than her heart.

Where to Buy Where the Heart Breaks

Where the Heart Breaks is available online in print and digital copies at:

Also available at iTunes.


To enter the Where the Heart Breaks giveaway simply fill out the Rafflecopter below. 
Contest ends at midnight, October 21st, 2013. 
Two lucky winners will be chosen and notified on Tuesday, October 22nd, so watch your emails closely!

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