Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Review: Daddy With a Deadline, by Marilyn Shank

Another fabulous, little romance book by Marilyn Shank...

About Daddy with a Deadline

  When Trent Madison shows up on Annie Samuels’s doorstep, determined to help her through the last month of her pregnancy, she doesn’t know what to think. Newly widowed after watching her marriage crumble, Annie isn’t exactly prepared for a gentleman caller—especially a handsome cowboy who claims her dead husband sent him.

  Trent isn’t sure how he got into this situation either. Why would a man he barely knows ask him for such an outlandish favor? More to the point, why does Trent feel obligated to help? The last time he opened his heart was to his ex-wife. And she trampled on it.

  But once Annie reluctantly allows Trent to help with the usually joyful business of shopping for baby furniture and throwing a shower, a spark ignites between them—even as they lock horns. Can two people so unlucky in love let their guards down and trust their hearts? Or will Annie’s due date be the end of what might have been?

Stephanie's Review of Daddy with a Deadline

 What can I say? I'm batting 2-0 with Marilyn Shank and her sweet little books! I recently read another one of her romance books, Bride by Mistake and fell in love. Daddy with a Deadline is the 2nd book I have read by her and I have to say, it's on my Top 10 List! 

  As you all know I prefer romance over any other genre and have no problem settling in on a steamy erotic romance or something simple and sweet such as this one. I think one thing that tied me to this book is that it has all the elements for a great romance- tragedy, obstacles  the unexpected, and the oh-so-fine Trent Madison... and well the ending- which I shall not divulge! :) 

  One of my favorite things about Daddy with a Deadline is that you have no idea how the book would turn out until the end. Don't get me wrong- we all expect the happy ever after in a romance book, but what happens when neither party wants a happy ever after? Trent's there to do a favor for his friend's wife, Annie, while she wants nothing more than to live her life in peace and without any 'charity' or help from others. Trent is content with being a reclusive rancher, and Annie is focused on raising a set of twins after her husband passes away a few short weeks before she delivers.

 Needless to say, Daddy with a Deadline will keep you turning the pages waiting to see if maybe, just maybe, there might be a future for Trent and Annie. But don't get your heart set on it! Instead, grab yourself a glass of tea, a soft blanket and a few hours of quiet time to cuddle up and enjoy Daddy with a Deadline. You won't be let down- I promise! 

  Daddy with a Deadline is a very clean romance without any sex scenes or graphic language. Granny safe! 

Where to Buy Daddy with a Deadline

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  1. Oh sounds like just the kind of book I like, thank you for the 5-star review and for sharing!

  2. I was very pleased to read your review of DADDY WITH A DEADLINE. When an author gives her book to someone to read, it's like sending one of your children into the big, wide world not knowing if they will be treated well. So to know you connected with Annie and Trent, who are two of my favorites hero and heroines, means a lot to me. Thank you Stephanie, for listing this book as one of your top ten. You made my day!