Saturday, January 5, 2013

I Made It Through My First Week of Book Blogging By the Seat of My Pants!

Well, my first, official week of book blogging has come to an end. I created Stephanie's Book Shelf to have a place to share my books, reviews, suggestions, reading lists and well, everything else book related. This blog is actually 'the blog' for my website, Stephanie's Book Shelf. It all runs hand in hand but most everything is linked/archived back to the site.

Over the past week I have met some AMAZING book bloggers who are not only great bloggers, but have also helped me along the way. With my new blog only a few days old and even less posts, I have been thrilled to see all my new readers and followers through Blogger, Twitter, my Facebook Fan Page, Goodreads and a few others. Yes, my list is smaller than a frog's hair, but hey- it's there. Even if I only had one follower and I knew that they were the ONLY person reading it, I would still do it! At least I know someone was enjoying my books with me.

This is my first attempt at a book blog, but not writing. I have penned over 400 articles and lenses, 2 websites and a handful of blogs. My main niches are books, "Top 10 Book Lists" and gardening tutorials. I throw in the occasional home decor, gift ideas, craft projects and well, a little bit of it all.

Since love to write and I love to read, I figured I would create this blog to share my book reviews. I have a few tours lined up and hope to start a few memes in the near future. My first will be the ever-so unoriginal Mailbox Mondays. I seen something similar called "In My Mailbox" on The Siren Story, and decided to start doing this myself. So, as of this coming Monday, I will be posting Mailbox Mondays where I will post all my great new books that came in the previous week.

We also have a few book tours lined up for February and March, along with a few guests, interviews and book signings over the next few weeks. You can find ALL of my upcoming events on my Calendar under the Events tab for those of you who keep up with it.

If anyone has any ideas, suggestions or feedback they would like to offer please let me know. I am always happy to receive feedback, both constructive and positive? :)

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