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Review: Stories In the Key of Read by Ryan Pak

A memoir based on a young man's love for music. 

Stories In the Key of Read, by Ryan Pak

Stories in the Key of Read follows Ryan Pak through his music-devoted 20s in a series of transparently-penned nonfiction shorts. Fans of David Sedaris, Chuck Klosterman, and anyone who has survived young adulthood can appreciate the humor and heartbreak--from the death of record stores to relationships and the perils of living paycheck to paycheck--that come together in this sheet music to the cacophony that is life. 

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Stephanie's Review of Stories In the Key of Read

Stories In the Key of Read is a memoir of fun filled adventures of Ryan Pak- the music guru! I was recently sent a copy of his musical memoir to review and can honestly say  that I enjoyed it very much. While I'm not a huge fan of memoirs,  reading the different music related adventures was fun, comical and full of life. 

From his very first concert to a relationship with his girlfriend, it's all packed in this little book.

To Give you an idea of what is included in the book and the type of music that Ryan writes about, I will give you a few titles of the stories. As you can see, each story relates to a particular group, album or song...

Foo Fighters, Wasting Light 2011
Jay-Z, The Black Album 
Grizzly Bear, Yellow House
Modest Mouse, Good News for People Who Love Bad News

I really liked how each story was something totally different from the last.Whether it was an excitement, a trial or a triumph, he was able to overcome it with music.Usually with a simple album from one of his favorite groups. 

 If you enjoy reading a memoirs  personal stories or enjoy music, you will love Stories In the Key of Read, by Ryan Pak. 

As I mentioned before, I don't care to read most memoirs. With that said, as far as memoirs are concerned, this book deserves 5 stars! 

Where to Buy Stories In the Key of Read by Ryan Pak

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